The Dutch: a crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication


The Dutch: a crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication

Arriving in the Netherlands as an expat may initially feel overwhelming. Aside from being on unfamiliar grounds, there is a new language, culture and society to consider. Our one-day workshop therefore offers a crash course on Dutch culture & communication for English-speaking expats and internationals coming to work in the Netherlands. It will also highlight and delve into the differences as well as similarities between the Dutch and the English-speaking community.

The workshop will be given by one of our senior language trainers who arrived in the Netherlands 20+ years ago as an expat herself, and is experienced in cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

For who?

English-speaking expats that would like to get a head start when it comes to getting to know the Dutch culture.

Programme, the workshop will touch on the following topics:

  • Expressions
  • Education & kids
  • Style & tone
  • Travel
  • Humour
  • Influences
  • Communication
  • Habits & traditions
  • Cross-cultural misconceptions & changes
  • Food & hospitality

Practical information

The costs of this workshop would be Euro 125,00 excluding VAT and including the workshop material and business lunch. Participants will receive the invoice shortly before the event takes place.

Language used during the workshop:

The workshop will start at 10 AM and will last until 2 PM.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate verifying that you completed the one-day Dutch Culture course. This certificate will be signed off by your coach and by the management at Elycio Talen.

Yes, I would like to sign up for this
workshop at Elycio Talen:

Sign up for this one of a kind workshop via the subscription form below. In case you’ve got any questions about this workshop and/or need more information, please contact us via phone on (0)78 644 97 70 or just send an email to



Ervaringen van onze cursisten

Elycio Talen heeft een gemiddelde Cedeo-beoordeling van 9,5

“Mijn trainer liet me zelf ontdekken waaraan ik nog moet werken, waardoor de lesstof beter blijft hangen. Door de uitstekende begeleiding ben ik verder gekomen als schrijfster. En de informele sfeer maakt de lessen alleen maar beter.”