Language assessments translated into ERK standards. Objectively determine the language level of applicants or employees.

Why request a language assessment from Elycio Talen?

  • • Effective recruitment and selection
  • • Customisation in all languages
  • • Online language assessments in twelve languages
  • • Language proficiency tested against ERK standards
  • • Standardised language assessments and custom solutions
  • • Insight into the necessary investments for language courses


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Language assessments by Elycio Talen

A good understanding of language and culture is crucial for doing successful international business. For this reason, it’s important that your employees possess all necessary language skills. If these skills are missing, you want to know in advance how much it will cost to help them reach the desired level. The language assessments offered by Elycio Talen do just that.

Elycio offers a wide range of tools to determine your employees’ language skills and to test their knowledge and abilities. Feel free to browse through the overview on this page.


New: order online language assessments

You can now order language assessments online. Visit to order professional Bright Online Language assessments in your preferred language. You can use these to test whether you, your candidates or your employees possess the desired language level in accordance with the ERK standards.

After ordering, you can decide when to start the language assessment
After we received your order, we will e-mail you your login details as soon as possible. You are free to decide when to start the language assessment.

Choosing Elycio Talen is choosing proven quality

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Overview all language assessments

Bright Online Language Test

This is the world's most used online language test and is particularly suitable for determining language proficiency for job applications, transfers and language courses. We can compare the results to ERK standards. The Bright Online Language Test is now available online.

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BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)

A fully adaptive test, specifically designed for business applications. Participants receive a globally recognised certificate from the University of Cambridge.

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This test determines whether a participant possesses a predetermined language level, meaning it is not adaptive. Fast and simple. Contact one of our branches for more information.


Rosetta Advantage

Rosetta Advantage is our e-learning programme. The intake exam for the e-learning package is available separately and therefore serves as an affordable method of determining language level.

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Custom tests

We can also provide custom tests that are specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of your branch or organisation. This includes assessing the writing skills of an employee.

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Company-wide language audit

Our language audit will help you answer three questions:

  1. Which language level corresponds to which position? We offer objective standards based on a comprehensive analysis per position or department
    2. What is the current situation per employee? We have different tests to determine the existing knowledge level in detail.
    3. What is the most effective and efficient way to improve the language proficiency of all employees? How much would this cost?

For more information about the language audit, visit this page on our website. You can also contact one of our branches.