Incompany language course

tailored to your organisation

  • Custom training course for your organisation
  • More successful international business
  • Practice using your own industry jargon
  • Immediately applicable for maximum ROI
  • Efficient, effective and practice-oriented
  • Experienced trainers and native speakers

Incompany language courses

Elycio Talen has been offering incompany language courses for more than fifty years. Our language programmes range from a ‘German for the Workplace’ beginner’s course to a highly specialised ‘English for Tax Lawyers’ course. You name it. In addition, all the courses are tailored specifically to your company’s training needs. By keeping the group size to a maximum of eight, we guarantee that all participants receive the full attention of our professional language trainers. We will customise the training programme to the needs, wishes and learning objectives of your organisation.

  • A customised learning plan tailored to the needs and wishes of your organisation
  • Efficient, efficient, effective and practice-oriented method to ensure immediate results
  • Small groups of equal proficiency level to guarantee attention for all participants
  • Experienced professional trainers and native speakers of your training language

Incompany language courses in every language
Our courses are available in all modern languages, including Dutch (e.g. ‘Dutch as a Second Language’ and ‘Written Reporting’). Additionally, languages such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and many other ones are available based on your needs.

On-site courses
Our group courses can be held at your location. If desired, we can also organise an incompany course at one of our branches or at an external location of your choice.

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