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Group Language Training (Classroom) With Open Registration

Elycio Talen has been providing group language training to business and government professionals since 1966. Every business professional, from beginner to advanced, can participate in groups of their peers. All participants train interactively under the supervision of an experienced professional language trainer, and always in groups with participants at the same language proficiency level.

Group Language Training Content
Our group training courses are geared toward business situations that you and your employees encounter in practice. These practical situations form the basis of your group training. Because our group training consists of small groups of up to eight participants, we can guarantee ample personal attention to everyone. Regular attendance at the training sessions entitles you to a certificate. The sessions take place at an Elycio Talen office in the evening hours, and they last two hours a week for ten weeks.

Learn Effectively By DoingThe majority of our practice-oriented group training sessions focus primarily on actively improving your speaking and listening skills. You will be involved in role plays, dialogues, and group discussions that promote your self-confidence, increase your vocabulary, and improve your understanding of the grammatical structures.

Objectives of an open group training:

  • to improve effective language skills and cultural understanding for practical daily use
  • to expand your general and professional vocabulary
  • to develop effective and efficient business communication skills
  • to achieve better business results during negotiations

The group language training sessions with open registration will start once a minimum of 5 participants have enrolled.

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