Elycio Talen offers custom business language courses and professional translations in all languages


Business language courses and translations

Please note: the English version of our complete website is currently under construction.

Elycio Talen offers a wide range of courses in a variety of foreign languages as well as Dutch courses for foreigners. Our Business language courses are aimed at companies and government institutions who wish to offer their employees further education in a foreign language in order to achieve greater business success. In addition to (incompany) group lessons, workshops and e-learning solutions, we also offer individual training to anyone who wishes to develop their language skills for professional purposes. Based on each client’s specific requirements, we design an effective and tailor-made curriculum that reflects those needs and objectives.

Companies and government institutions choose Elycio Talen for accurate, impactful and professional translations. For more than 50 years, our translations have been helping organizations communicate effectively in international settings. Our goal is to help you achieve greater international success. For every translation, we select a qualified translator to translate to and from every modern language; a native speaker of the target language with relevant experience in your sector. Visit our English website for more information.

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Our locations in the Netherlands

Elycio Talen Amsterdam
Entrada 131-134
1114 AA Amsterdam
Tel.: 020 416 0788
Fax: 085 273 3285

Elycio Talen Arnhem
IJsselburcht 3 (Gebouw Lorentz)
6825 BS Arnhem
Tel.: 026 361 2843
Fax: 085 273 3285

Elycio Talen Eindhoven
Multiple locations
Tel.: 040-720960
Fax: 085 273 3285

Elycio Talen Papendrecht
Poldermolen 16 – 18
3352 TH Papendrecht
Tel.: 078 644 9770
Fax: 085 273 3285

Elycio Talen Rijswijk
De Bruyn Kopsstraat 15G
2288 EC Rijswijk
Tel.: 070 399 2471
Fax: 085 273 3285

Elycio Talen Zeist
Laan van Vollenhove 3273
3706 AS Zeist
Tel.: 030 267 7700
Fax: 085 273 3285

Talen Twente Enschede
Rigtersbleek Zandvoort 10 – 1.33
7521 BE Enschede
Tel.: 053 431 7842
Fax: 085 273 3285