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Elycio Talen Language Institute

Business language courses

Formerly Elsevier Talen

Custom business language and culture courses in any language

Doing business successfully in an international context is all about interaction and communication. Good communication is crucial to achieving the best possible results. How? By speaking your business partner’s language. Elycio Talen language institute has offered a wide range of business language courses since 1966. Our professional trainers will teach you the language in a practical and targeted way, fully tailored to your needs and capabilities and with a focus on relevant industry terminology. What you learn in the morning you can apply in the afternoon. Learning another language often means adopting a different way of thinking. Every language has its own cultural etiquette, and understanding this etiquette makes it easier to do business. In addition to the language, Elycio Talen teaches you the corporate and social customs of the relevant country. In other words, we provide you with both the manual and the tools. Feel free to contact us to discuss a custom solution.

Client experiences

‘The professional approach and the fact that I worked with an extremely experienced trainer made the Dutch language course both useful and educational. I still benefit from it every day in my personal and professional life.’Click on the orange link to download the full Cedeo report.

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