E-learning at Elycio Talen. Learning independently under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

Why apply for an e-learning course at Elycio Talen?

  • Simple software from market leader Rosetta
  • E-learning or blended learning with one-on-one training
  • Personalised programme under the guidance of a personal language trainer
  • Solutions for beginners and advanced learners

E-learning programme

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The e-learning programme by Elycio Talen

Elycio Talen uses the online study package Rosetta Foundations (for beginners) and Rosetta Advantage (for advanced learners) for simple and efficient language learning. Advantage contains a wide range of language exercises that can be personalised, meaning the entire programme can be tailored to your learning goals. Foundations and Advantage will help you get the most out of your language course.

Support from an experienced language trainer
The main advantage of an online language course is the ability to follow the programme whenever and wherever you want. However, this doesn’t mean you’re on your own. During the course, our experienced language trainers will provide you with the necessary guidance and support. In addition, you and your trainer will receive detailed interim reports on your progress.

E-learning or blended learning 
You can choose from two different e-learning programmes. The first option is blended learning, a combination of e-learning and one-on-one sessions with a personal language trainer. The second option is a self-study programme with online coaching and e-mail contact with your personal language trainer. For more information, please contact one of our branches.

Below you will find our information and instruction videos:

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Choosing Elycio Talen is choosing proven quality:

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Our branches

Elycio Talen Amsterdam
Entrada 131-134
1114 AA Amsterdam
Tel.: 020 416 0788

Elycio Talen Arnhem
IJsselburcht 3 (Gebouw Lorentz)
6825 BS Arnhem
Tel.: 026 361 2843

Elycio Talen Enschede
Rigtersbleek Zandvoort 10 – 1.33
7521 BE Enschede
Tel.: 053 431 7842

Elycio Talen Rijswijk
De Bruyn Kopsstraat 15G
2288 EC Rijswijk
Tel.: 070 399 2471

Elycio Talen Zeist
Laan van Vollenhove 3273
3706 AS Zeist
Tel.: 030 267 7700

Elycio Talen Zwijndrecht
Scheepmakerij 230
3331 MB Zwijndrecht
Tel.: 078 644 9770

E-learning demonstratie?

Below you will find a free demo of the online e-learning programme used by Elycio Talen in its self-study and blended learning programmes.

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