Dutch for healthcare professionals

Custom made, basic package and e-learning Dutch language training

  • Learn Dutch quickly and efficiently
  • Designed for international healthcare workers
  • Study for the BIG registration exam
  • Study online or on location
  • ISO certification & CEDEO accreditation
  • Learn from experienced and professional trainers

Dutch for healthcare professionals (from abroad)

Why should healthcare professionals learn Dutch?

To work as a healthcare provider in the Netherlands, you have to be registered with the CIBG, BIG-registry. This applies to all healthcare professions, from doctors, nurses and chemists to therapists, psychologists and midwives. Before you can register, you have to provide proof of Dutch proficiency in addition to your professional degrees. We can help!

What do we offer?

In addition to a general business Dutch course, we offer languages courses tailored specifically to your profession. These courses can be taken individually or with colleagues. We can also help you obtain your proof of proficiency.

It starts with an extensive intake to determine your current language level. Based on the results, you will receive expert advice on the best way to achieve your goals. You will then be assigned a personal language trainer who will tailor your course entirely to your needs and learning preferences. All courses are available online, at our office and at your preferred location.

Self-study with and without coaching/support

If you prefer to study independently and at your own pace, you can sign up for one of our e-courses. The online licence allows you to study Dutch wherever and whenever you want. However, due to the importance of the work-related exams, we recommend learning with the support of one of our language trainers.
Three months of unlimited Dutch e-learning – including individual support by one of our professional trainers – costs just € 690,–

Contact one of our branches for more information and advice.

Why learn Dutch with Elycio Talen?

  • Custom courses tailored to your needs, wishes, budget and study preferences
  • Practical and efficient material that you can immediately apply in practice
  • Ability to study when and where you want
  • Available online, at one of our branches or on location
  • 55 years of experience in language training for professionals
  • Professional language trainers

What language level is required for BIG registration?

Different proficiency levels apply to different professional levels:

  • Secondary vocational level (e.g. nurses): B1
  • Higher vocational level (e.g. physical therapists, physician’s assistants, medical assistants, midwives and registered dental hygienists): B2
  • University level (e.g. doctors, dentists, chemists, psychotherapists, psychologists and clinical technicians): B2/C1

Additional requirements apply to English language skills

  • Secondary vocational level (nurses): B1
  • Higher vocational level (e.g. physical therapists, physician’s assistants and midwives): B2
  • University level (e.g. doctors, dentists, chemists, psychotherapists and psychologists): B2/C1 (comparable to IELTS 6.5 and TOEFL 72-94)

Why does the Dutch Goverment require this?

“Healthcare providers with a foreign degree must be able to communicate with patients and colleagues in the same way as healthcare providers with a Dutch degree. Given that the vast majority of patients speak Dutch and that Dutch is the primary language of communication in the healthcare profession, all healthcare providers must have a sufficient command of the language. Assessing Dutch proficiency is an important part of the General Knowledge and Skills test (AKV). English proficiency is also part of this test.

Given the importance of strong Dutch language skills, all forms of communication during this procedure are in Dutch. The Dutch language proficiency component of the AKV test focuses strongly on the language and communication skill required in Dutch healthcare.”
Source: https://english.bigregister.nl/

More information and advice?

Contact one of our branches for more information and expert advice.


Waar kan ik de training volgen?
  • Online
  • Bij u op kantoor
  • Op een van onze vestigingen
  • Op een andere locatie in Nederland (in overleg)

Meer weten?


De uitleg van mijn trainer was heel duidelijk. Deze training helpt mij vooral tijdens mijn baan maar ook in het dagelijks leven. Ik heb verder niks om toe te voegen het was gewoon heel erg goed.”

Eurvin Korsen – Individuele taaltraining Nederlands februari 2024

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