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Dutch for expats

Customisation, fixed packages and e-learning

  • Learn Dutch quickly and effectively
  • For business and social use
  • For beginners and advanced learners
  • Online and on-site availability
  • ISO certified and CEDEO accredited
  • Available all weekdays

Dutch for expats

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse webpagina.)

Why learn Dutch?

When you live and work in the Netherlands, familiarizing yourself with the Dutch language and culture can be hugely advantageous. A little knowledge can go a long way. It makes it easier to interact with Dutch colleagues and business associates and helps you understand how the Dutch communicate, collaborate and do business. This helps you achieve better business results and makes social situations easier and more enjoyable. That’s where Dutch for expats course comes in handy.

What do we offer?

You can now register for our Dutch for Expats package – a fast-tracked course that teaches you the basic principles of the Dutch language. This course helps you communicate more effectively with your Dutch colleagues and business associates. It was specifically developed for people interested in developing basic Dutch skills. After completing the basic programme, you can register for follow-up courses to further improve your language skills.

20-hour and 30-hour Dutch language packages

The 20-hour Dutch language package was designed for English-speaking expats and people with a strong command of the English language (ERK level B2). For those who are less proficient in English, we recommend the 30-hour Dutch package.

All courses are available online, at our offices and at your preferred location.

Customized Dutch course

In addition to our standard packages above, we also offer customized language programmes that have been specifically tailored to your needs, wishes and learning objectives. Your personal language coach will help you master all aspects of the Dutch language and culture that are relevant to your personal and/or professional situation, including industry jargon. Our efficient and practical programmes will help you immediately apply what you learn in practice.

Self-study, with and without coaching or support: it’s all possible!

If you prefer a self-study approach, we have several e-learning programmes to choose from. With an online licence, you can study Dutch where you want, when you want and at your own pace. Our in-house language coaches would be happy to support you when you need it.

Unique IT career opportunity! Discover the new Speak & Tech Academy

Do you want to improve your professional IT skills and also learn the Dutch language? Or is this a great opportunity for your spouse or family member who is also staying in the Netherlands? Dive immediately into this unique collaboration between Elycio Talen and Le Wagon. From October 12th, we will be offering an exclusive training where you will not only gain essential IT skills, but also improve your Dutch language skills. This is the opportunity to take your career to the next level. Read more about the benefits of this special career step in the blog we wrote about it. Or click here to discover everything about the Speak & Tech Academy and apply directly for this valuable career move.

Workshop: A crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication

Arriving in the Netherlands as an expat may initially feel overwhelming. Aside from being on unfamiliar grounds, there is a new language, culture and society to consider. Our one-day workshop, therefore, offers a crash course on Dutch culture & communication for English-speaking expats and internationals coming to work in the Netherlands.

Interested in one of our language courses for expats?

For expert advice, contact your nearest Elycio Talen branch. Or request a quote using the contact form. Our language advisors can help you put together an ideal language programme based on your needs, wishes, budget and learning goals.


Waar kan ik de training volgen?
  • Online
  • Bij u op kantoor
  • Op een van onze vestigingen
  • Op een andere locatie in Nederland (in overleg)

Meer weten?

Bio Base Europe – CDC

“The training was sufficient and very well organized, it was very helpful for me. I am in A2 level after finishing the course, and I have adapted Dutch language into my daily life (in supermarket, in restaurant) right now.”

Beste Tunali – Bio Base Europe – CDC – Individuele taaltraining Nederlands– mei 2023

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