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A crash course on Dutch culture

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A mathematical look at the daily life of Dutch expats

Expat issues Sina Elycio Talen

In the majority of languages, digits are written and read from left to right. Normally, you do all the calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) from left to right. In Dutch there in only a ‘slight difference’. Because of this many expats have mathematical problems in Holland.. Twenty-three sounds like thirty-two The small difference is … Verder lezen

The impossibility of spelling Dutch words and other expat issues

Blog Expat issues Sina image

If you have ever traveled to the Netherlands, you must have seen pretty complicated words, expressions, and/or even sounds uttered by Dutch people. This complication creates certain problems in the life of expats in several areas. This includes work life, shopping, and social interactions. For the last couple of years, I tried to tackle many … Verder lezen

5 strategies to learn Dutch

strategies to learn Dutch

There are so many strategies that you can use to learn Dutch while you may not know about them. As an adult, you may find yourself in a difficult situation when you start to learn Dutch. This is absolutely understandable. If you look at expat children who go to Dutch schools, you may see that … Verder lezen

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