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Business German Course

A business German course is quite useful for those who have regular contact with companies in German-speaking countries. Germany, after all, is our most important trading partner. A sound mastery of this language and German business etiquette can open doors to your professional success. We will help you approach German-speaking contacts and do business with more confidence. We do so by offering you a training course that is fully tailored to your language level and learning objectives.

Our custom business German course: Personalized and result-oriented
First of all, you will go through a detailed intake interview as well as an analysis. After that, we will develop a custom course only for you and your learning objectives. In fact, we offer a wide range of training options, from individual courses and in-company courses to business German workshops. In case there are special language needs, we also offer a combination of them. The courses can be offered face-to-face, in a blended learning environment (face-to-face and e-learning), or totally online. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, we can help you improve your business German quickly and efficiently.

What will you learn during the business German course?
We will help you with the German language and industry-specific jargon. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the most common German titles, honorifics, and business terms. You will also gain an understanding of local customs and decision-making processes. You will learn the importance of formal contexts and will understand how to negotiate in business settings.

The Advantages of a Business German Course at Elycio Talen

At the end of the course, you sense major improvement in your language skills.
Your language trainers are qualified professionals and native German speakers.
The syllabi are in line with your needs and objectives in the German language.
All courses are offered in a face-to-face, blended, and/or online environment.
You can immediately apply what you learn in your daily work.
You will achieve maximum results thanks to our ISO 9001 certified learning methods.
Our training courses received an average Cedeo rating of 9.78.

Flexible training times: start when it suits you best
We can schedule training courses at each of our branches. You can start your course at any time, in consultation with our trainers.

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