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A crash course on Dutch culture

For English-speaking expats

  • For business and social use
  • Online and on-site availability
  • ISO certified and CEDEO accredited

A crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication

Arriving in the Netherlands as an expat may initially feel overwhelming. Aside from being on unfamiliar grounds, there is a new language, culture and society to consider. Our one-day workshop, therefore, offers a crash course on Dutch culture & communication for English-speaking expats and internationals coming to work in the Netherlands. It will also highlight and delve into the differences as well as similarities between the Dutch and the English-speaking community.

The workshop will be given by one of our senior language trainers who arrived in the Netherlands 20+ years ago as an expat herself, and is experienced in cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

For whom?

English-speaking expats that would like to get a head start when it comes to getting to know the Dutch culture. This crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication offers guidance to working expats and those who are preparing for the job market.


The workshop will touch on the following topics:

  • Expressions
  • Education & children
  • Style & tone
  • Travel
  • Humour
  • Influences
  • Communication
  • Habits & traditions
  • Cross-cultural misconceptions & changes
  • Food & hospitality

Practical information

Language of instruction



Approximately 4 hours


Upon completion of A crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication, you will receive a certificate. This certificate verifies that you completed the one-day Dutch Culture workshop. It will be signed by your coach and the management at Elycio Talen.

More information and advice?

Contact one of our branches for more information and expert advice. Submit your application online or contact an Elycio Talen branch near you. Visit our contact page for our online contact forms and phone numbers.

More information about this offer for expats can be found here.


Waar kan ik de training volgen?
  • Online
  • Bij u op kantoor
  • Op een van onze vestigingen
  • Op een andere locatie in Nederland (in overleg)

Meer weten?

ManpowerGroup Netherlands

“The trainer really love teaching and encourage to learn the language. Proactive and nice way of teaching and material!”

Maria Eugenia Velarde Asitimbay – ManpowerGroup Netherlands – Incompany Taaltraining Nederlands maart 2022

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